Shaping Tomorrow with Swyvl

At Swyvl, we see ourselves as more than just innovators; we are enablers, making spatial data and AI-powered 3D technology accessible and useful for businesses around the world.

Our approach strips away the jargon, focusing on delivering real-world solutions that empower users to visualize, analyze, and collaborate in ways previously unimaginable.

Precise 3D Mapping and Data Tool
Swyvl Nessbar Point Cloud

Our Vision & Mission

Guided by the ambition to make everything and everyone connected within dynamic 3D spaces, we're unlocking new realms of possibilities for businesses globally.

Swyvl 3D Mapping and Spatial Data

Core Pillars of Swyvl

Innovation with Purpose

Combining AI advancements with a purpose-driven approach, we aim to create impactful solutions that transform businesses and societies.

Collaborative Growth

Foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, we encourage diverse thoughts and open communicaiton, driving both personal and professional growth.

Seamless Connectivity

Dedication to interoperability is at the forefront of our innovation. We're not just creating solutions; we're building bridges to bring together diverse data sources, fostering an experience of seamless connectivity.

Our Founders

Laura and Alex Tolson from Swyvl 3D Mapping Software

Alex Tolson, CEO and Co-Founder

With a Mechanical Engineering background, Alex Tolson merges technical expertise with visionary leadership at Swyvl. His approach transforms complex challenges into user-friendly solutions, inspiring a shift towards more intuitive technology that significantly impacts our interaction with the world.

Laura Tolson, COO and Co-Founder

With a foundation in Law and International Development, Laura combines strategic insight wiht operational pragmatism as Swyvl's COO. Her dedication to efficiency, team empowerment, and sustainable growth has been crucial in aligning Swyvl's day-to-day functions with its long-term aspirations, shaping the company's culture and operational success.

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