Mapping Redefined with Swyvl

Swyvl brings your data to life. It transforms how you visualize, analyze and share your spatial data with unparalleled ease.

Swyvl 3D Mapping Geo Iframe Port Webcam

High-Resolution 3D Mapping

Elevate maps with Google Earth's realism and custom imagery for unparalleled clarity.

  • Leverage Google Earth's 3D Tiles
  • Incorporate Custom Imagery
  • Enhanced Drawing Tools
Enhance Precision with Swyvl
Elevate your projects with detailed 3D mapping .
Precise 3D Mapping and Data ToolAdd tileset data with swyvl
Swyvl viewer mobile friendly Swyvl 3D mapping and spatial data software
Publish or private mode

Builder & Viewer Simplicity

No-code mapping creation and management accessible from anywhere, on any device.

  • Intuitive No-Code Interface
  • Fully Web-Based Platform
  • Flexible Sharing Options
Streamline with Swyvl
Access easy map creation and management, anytime, anywhere.

Collaborative Workspaces

Real-time collaboration with full project control for team efficiency and security.

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Project Control
  • Better Teamwork
Collaborate Securely with Swyvl
Real-time teamwork with comprehensive control over your projects.
Swyvl 3D Mapping and Spatial Data Team SoftwareAdd a new collaborator to Swyvl 3D Mapping software
Swyvl 3D Mapping software for solar farmSwyvl 3D mapping and spatial data software

Central Resources

Centralize all spatial data for streamlined access and seamless project coordination.

  • Unified Data Storage
  • Seamless Data Interoperability
  • One-Stop Spatial Data Hub
Organize with Swyvl
Centralize your data for streamlined access and consistent project insights.

Why Choose Swyvl?

Ease of Use

Tired of complicated tools? Swyvl's intuitive interface makes spatial analysis straightforward for all skill levels.

Access Anywhere

Our web-based platform ensures you can work on projects anytime, without the hassle of installations.

Teamwork Made Easy

Swyvl enhances team collaboration, allowing for seamless sharing and collective decision-making.

Seamless Integration

We're committed to open standards to ensure interoperability with a wide array of systems and data types for a unified, efficient workflow.

Meaningful Innovations

We're dedicated to creating solutions that not only advance technology but also positively impact your projects and decisions.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to support you at every step - our commitment to your success is unwavering.

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