Acceptable Use Policy

All Swyvl users must comply with Swyvl’s Acceptable Use Policy. This Policy places certain restrictions on the content you can upload, the projects you create and how you use Swyvl.

Swyvl reserves the right to determine whether content violates this Policy at its sole discretion. This Policy may be updated from time to time.

General Use

You agree not to upload content, create projects, or use Swyvl, directly or indirectly, in any manner that:
1. Discriminates, incites or promotes discrimination against others, especially when based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry or national origin;
2. Violates any applicable law or promotes activities that are illegal in nature;
3. Involves the same or promotion of illegal activities, products or services;Is fraudulent or promotes fraudulent activity;
4. Is sexually explicit or pornographic in nature or contains links to such material;
5. Seeks to harm or exploit children;
6. Violates the rights of any individual or third party, including their intellectual property and data privacy rights;
7. Contains any information or content that you do not have a right to make available under any law or due to confidentiality, contractual or fiduciary duties.

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